Volunteer Positions

Be involved with Empty Bowls by helping at events. Contact Mike and Tammy Miller (emptybowlsmon@gmail.com) for more information about the position you’re interested in.

Remember, the Empty Bowls Board recommends that “Even the volunteers purchase a ticket: All of the volunteers involved with this project purchase a ticket if they want to take a bowl home or want to partake of some soup. We all believe in the goals of Empty Bowls and include our financial support as well as our time and efforts.”

Also note that the Board has an age policy in regards to young people helping during the luncheon. It is as follows:

Guidelines for Youth Volunteers:
*Fourteen (14) is the minimum age for youth volunteers.
*Ages 14 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult mentor.
*Ages 16 and over may volunteer without a mentor.

Important Position Notes

Coming Soon!

Positions and Descriptions Needed for Soup and Bread Luncheon

BEVERAGE_SERVICE_2018 ( 1st shift is FULL; 2nd shift is FULL)

BOWL_ROOM_2018 (Friday, all positions are FULL; Sat, Restocker position is FULL; Ticket Taker Position = FULL; Bowl Room Raffle Sales are FULL; Bowl Sales position is FULL;  Bowl Room Tear Down is FULL)

BREAD_AND_COOKIE_PANTRY_VOLUNTEERS_2018 (FRIDAY,  Positions are FULL. SATURDAYHelp in the Pantry:  All positions are FULL)

BUFFET_SECTION_800_2018 (All positions are FULL)

BUSSERS_RESET_TEAM_2018 (1st shift is FULL; 2nd shift is FULL )

CARAFE_FILLERS_2018 All positions are FULL)

CASH_HANDLERS_2018 (All positions are FULL)

CASH_HANDLERS_ASSISTANT_2018 (1 Volunteer needed 2nd shift)

CENTRAL_SUPPLY_2018 (Friday, All positions are FULL; Saturday, 1 Supervisor position is FULL; 1st shift is FULL; 1 – 4 pm position is FULL;  2 pm – close, about 4:30 pm is FULL)

COFFEE_MAKER_2018 (All positions are FULL)

COMPOSTING_AND_RECYCING_CENTER_2018 (All positions are FILLED by WVU Nutrition Students)

COMPOSTING_AND_RECYCLING_SET_UP_2018 (All positions are FILLED by WVU Nutrition Students)

COOKIE_TRANSPORT_2018 (Friday, all positions are FULL)

DECORATING_COMMITTEE_2018 (Friday, All positions are FULL; Saturday, All positions are FULL)

DONATION_JARS_AND_BANNER_SET_UP_2018 (Friday, All Positions are FULL)

ESSENTIAL_SERVICES_2018 (Positions are FULL)

EVENT_CLEAN_UP_2018 (2 Volunteers needed)

FOOD_COLLECTION_AND_TRANSPORT_2018 (Food collection – 1 volunteer needed 12:30 – 2:30 pm)

FUND_RAISING_2018 (Friday, all positions are FULL; Saturday, all day at the table – all positions are FULL;  1st shift Floating Raffle Sales is FULL;  2nd shift in Floating Raffle Sales is FULL. Raffle Basket Table – all positions are FULL;  the Mystery Bowl Raffle – 1 volunteer needed 12:45 – 3 pm)

GENERAL_ASSISTANT_2018 (all Positions are FULL)

GENERAL_KITCHEN_MAINTENANCE_2018 (Kitchen Assistant – 1 Volunteer needed; Soup Rotation – position is FULL; Soup Inventory Position – FULL ; General Kitchen Maintenance – Position FULL,  ; Soup Transport – all positions FULL;  Beverage Mixing – 1 Volunteer needed 1st shift, 1 Volunteer needed 2nd shift; Soup Delivery – all positions are FULL)

HOSTS_2018 (All positions are FULL)

KETTLE_WORKERS_2018 – Positions are FULL)

LINE_CONTROL_2018 (INSIDE: All shifts are FULL. OUTSIDE: 1 Volunteer needed 2nd shift. BOWL ROOM ENTRANCE: All positions are FULL)

PARKING_STAFF_2018 ( Supervisor position is FULL, 9am – 2 pm; 4 Parking Attendants needed in the 1st shift, 9 am – 11:30 am and 1 Parking Attndant needed in the 2nd shift, 11:30 am – 2 pm.


PHOTOGRAPHER_2018 (Position is Full)


RUNNERS_2018 (Positions are FULL)



SOUP_AND_BREAD_TRANSPORT_2018 (Friday:  All positions are FULL)

SOUP_EXPEDITION_WVU_TOWERS_2018 (Saturday, All positions are FULL)

SOUP_LABELING_WVU_TOWERS_2018 (Saturday, Positions are FULL, 8:30 am – about noon)

SOUP_RECEIVING_WVU_TOWERS_2018 (Friday,  positions are FULL)

SOUP_SERVERS_2018 (All positions FULL, both sifts)


TABLE_AMBASSADORS_2018 (1 Volunteer needed 2nd shift)

TAKE_OUT_SALES_2018 (All positions are FULL)

TEAM_LEADERS_2018 (All positions are FULL)

TELLERS_2018 (All positions are FULL)

TICKET_EXCHANGE_2018 (All positions are FULL)

TICKET_WILL_CALL_AND_SALES_2018 (New Sales – all positions are FULL; Will call – all positions are FULL)


VENUE_SET_UP_2018 (1 Volunteer needed)

VOLUNTEER_CHECK_IN_2018 (All positions are FULL)