The success of Empty Bowls is attributed to the hundreds of volunteers who support this organization.

Examples of volunteer roles surrounding the EB luncheon on the 3rd Sat in Feb include: soup and bread procurement from restaurants; cookie preparation and procurement from churches; transporting event supplies (plates, utensils, cups, etc) to Mylan Park Event Center; table set up and decoration; bread cutting; preparation of bread and cookie trays; ticket sales; line control; bread, cookie and drink ‘runners’; table bussing; team leaders to oversee sections of tables; helping people with special needs; soup dispensing; coffee preparation; cleaning soup containers; after-event clean up; returning event supplies from Mylan Park.

However, volunteers are needed year-round to support activities including: grant preparation; identifying potential donors and mailing them letters; public relations; preparing bowls (local potters and the Wow Factory).

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