Empty Bowls potatoes

Dominion Post

In an area where food insecurity is a real and terrifying dilemma, two tons of potatoes can make a huge difference.

On May 20, just such a meaningful donation was made by Davis Farms, of Preston County. Empty Bowls volunteers Mike Mosser, Mike Miller and Tammy Miller picked up the potatoes at the farm, and along with Hazen Powell, Kathy Powell and Julie Harris, unloaded the potatoes at Scott’s Run Settlement House.

Using Scott’s Run Settlement House as a storehouse, several agencies were notified of the donation. By May 23, potatoes were dispersed to Bartlett House, Clay-Battelle, Caritas House, Catholic Charities, Christian Help and The Rack, all of which were able to distribute the potatoes to families in need.

Thanks to the generosity of Davis Farms, many families were not only fed, but also felt the warmth that comes from knowing that their community cares.