2018-2019 Agency Comments

Arnettsville Food Pantry and Family Resource Center

We are able to offer more services because of Empty Bowls Monongalia. We could not provide such broad spectrum, varied support without the help of Empty Bowls. The food pantry is an invaluable resource for the families we serve and we are looking for ways to expand it even more in the coming year.

— Jenna Mosely Lohnes, FRC Program Coordinator


Avery UMC Snack Pack Program

Empty Bowls funding is our primary source of financial assistance, outside of our congregation. Without this assistance, it would be very difficult, and perhaps even not possible, to sustain this level of support to this number of children. Recently, a school counselor communicated to Avery the importance of our Snack Pack program in ensuring these food insecure children are well served. We provide the students breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for the weekend days, as well as snacks.  On three-day weekends or during unexpected events, such as the Teacher Work Stoppage this year, we provided extra food as well.

— Traci Quarrick


Canyon Presbyterian Food Pantry

We hand out food each week night and we try to be generous as possible and have a variety of foods. Since many of our people are elderly and their food stamps have become more limited, they say we “keep them going”. Many come together sharing a smile.

                                                                        — Mary Gribco


Clay-Battelle Area Family Service Food Pantry

I can’t express enough how grateful, thankful, and blessed we are to be receiving Empty Bowls funding. It’s been so exciting to see, since even my involvement with our food pantry back in the late 1990’s and our first receiving funding from EB in 2011, what a huge difference it has made!

                                                                            — Pearl Lewis