2019 Contributors

The contributions that make the Empty Bowls Luncheon and help to make the mission of Empty Bowls a success are many and varied. Without the support of such a long list of contributors, such an event would not be possible. The types of contributions are not limited to one form. Empty Bowls Luncheon is possible because of Volunteers, Financial contributions, Contributions of Support, Gifts In KindSoup and Bread and more. Thank you to all the individuals, congregations, and local businesses who contribute to our efforts!

Contributions of $10,000 or more

Estate of Mary Roberta Brandt – E

Contributions of $5,000 – $9,999

Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust
Black Diamond Realty

Contributions of $2,500 – $4,999

G. Corey Farris – E
Mountain Loggers Group, Inc.
Triple S Motorcycle Company, LLC – Chili Cook Off
Black Diamond Realty, LLC
Greater Morgantown Convention & Visitors Bureau – Cupcake & Beer Fest Event
WVU Residence Hall Association – Youth Fundraising

Contributions of $1,000 – $2,499

Mike and Tammy Miller *
Cheat Lake Rotary Club
John C. and Linda Super
City Crane and Equipment, Inc.
St. Thomas a Becket Episcopal Church- Christmas Market
Gene’s Place
YCF – YCF Regional Granting Fund
United Bank
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
Crossroads Property Rescue
Dinsmore and Shohl
E. Jane Martin
Citizens Bank
West Ridge
MPE – Morgantown Power Equipment
Dyer Insurance
Suburban Lanes
First United Bank and Trust
Woodford Oil Company
Merit Development – Laurita
City National Bank of West Virginia
Howard Hanna Premier Properties, LLC by Barbara Alexander
Greer Industries
Community Bank
WVU Hospitals
Jerrey Hoyt *
MMS Endodontics
Bowles Rice
St. Thomas a Becket –Community Outreach
GlenMark Holding
Cheat Lake Rotary
Mike and Nancy Mosser
Ralph W. Ryan Fund @ Your Community Foundation
Rotary Club of Morgantown
Saverio Bossio, Bossco Morgantown LLC
Citizens Bank of Morgantown
Glenmark Holding, LLC
Pikewood Energy Corporation
Key Logic Systems, Inc.
Merit Development, Inc.
LPL Financial Foundation
WVU Medicine
Andrew and Vanessa Price
Monongalia General Hospital
Greer Industries
St. Thomas A Becket Episcopal Church
Pikewood Energy

Contributions of $500-$999

Davis Insurance Group, LLC
David M. Lorenze
Elaine M. McVay
Clark and Allyson McKee
Benedum Foundation Staff
Karl Bramer *
YCF – Ralph W. Ryan Fund – 2018 Community Grant
Apex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy
Kenneth Fultz
Chris Vasilakis
123 Pleasant Street
Mt. People’s Cooperative – ‘Register Round Up’
Al and Cheryl Prichard
John Boyle
Clear Mt. Bank
Mathew Gutta – Gutta Law
USW Local H957-WOS
Andrew and Blair Rorabaugh
City of Westover
Amazon Smile Donation
Clear Mountain Bank – E
Chris Vasilakis

Contributions of $250-$499

Mace DDS PLLC Mace
123 Pleasant Street – Benefit Concert
Michael D. and Debrah A. Flowers
William F. Weiss
Jim and Alice Lorenze
Anonymous (2)
Donald S. Spencer and Carol H. Hamblen
Phillip and Susanne Magro
Seamon Law Offices, PLLC
KLM Properties
MVB Bank
Pat Stewart Realtors
First Apostolic Church
Dyer Insurance Group
John and Peggy McDevit
Jeff Stewart, LLC Pat Stewart Realtors – E
Bowles Rice, LLP

Contributions of $100 – $249

Brett and Trish Cendana
Community Bank Employees
David and Carolyn Atkins
Mindy Shipley
Nicholas Apostolou
Service League of Morgantown–Old Stone House
Presha Neidermeyer *
First Energy Employees
Bradley Nicklin *
April Oliverio *
Dr. Carolyn J. Zinn
Barbara Covelli *
Lisa Giuliani *
Chestnut Ridge Church
Waterfront Family Pharmacy
Morgantown Power Equipment, Inc.
Mona Supply
Stephen and Constance McClusky
H. Keith Jackson and Teresa Prullage
Nicholas G. and Barbara A. Apostolou –E
Kazunari J. and Mary A. Koike
Dr. and Mrs.T.W. Heironimus
John R. and Shea L. Angotti
Larry and Martha Schwab
Joan and Larry Bissett
Tony and Nicolle Sawczyszyn
Barry Wendell and Rabbi Joe Hample
Lisa and Jeff Tiberio
Allen and Ginny Hammock
David L. and Gloria Sullivan
Nancy B. Kennedy
Thomas H. and Yumiko K. Wilson
William R. and Carolyn Ryan
John Wassick III
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Palmer
Dr. Donald J. and Mary E. Morrison
Robert and Jean Dailey
Roger and Nancy L. Lohmann
J.S. Walker Associates, Inc.
John A. Barnes
Patrick J. Henry
Anonymous *
Glenn and Susan Adrian
Susan Cook
Jesse R. Locklar, Jr.
Cynthia Griffin and Eric Rankin
Perri DeChristopher
Karen H. Lawson
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Fooks, Jr.
Darlene Porter
Roger King, M.D.
Carol and John Brautigam
Donny and Ellen Leonard
Panlo and Olgalucia Gonzalez
KLM Properties
Roger and Constance Toffle
William and Gail Ann Rock III
Neil and Connie Buckle
John and Carol Beall
Trish and Brett Cendana
Marjorie A. McDiarmid
J. Phillip Burton
Bradford and Mary Warden
Beth Madison
Jan and David Berensten
B & K Direct Floors Inc.
Bowles Rice
Betty Maxwell
Kara and Michael K. Hurst
Brian and Felicia Popp
Ann R. McArdle
Sandy Graff
Ronald and Susan Lewis
Morgantown Power Equipment Employees
R. Craig and Nancy Walker
Roger A. Abrahams, MD
John and Shea Angotti
Michael and Bonnie Walls
Barry Wendell and Joseph Hample
Pablo and Olgalucia Gonzalez
Betty Maxwell
Kara and Michael Hurst
Brad and Mary Warden
James M. and Elizabeth C. Madison


Alan and Merle Stolzenberg
Anonymous (2)
Michael Miller *
Ella Grimm *
Melissa Blehschmidt *
Nelda Kimble *
Linda Baer *
Mariko and Craig Sheldon
Michael Chirico *
Maria Rendinell *
Thomas Susman *
Tiasha Khan *
Ryan Campione *
Emily Mathess *
Jordan Covelli *
Tim Mininger *
Ryan Rosenau *
Ryan A. Alexander
Spa Roma
Craig Sheldon
Rodney Pyles
Robert and M. Aurie Accuavatti
James V. and Susan P. Abrams
Lillian Klein
Lejay and Helen Graffious
Pat Jenkins
L. Harper
Tandy J. McClung
Rama Riemenschneider
Kathryn L. Stone
Joanne King
Robert J. and Lana L. Klein
Mike and Hilary Attfield
Mary Ferer
Mary and Mark Reasor
Emory and Janet K. Kemp
Rachel L. Fetty and Corey M. Anderson
Roger and Cheryl Warsewich
Gregory A. and Barbara Jo Doyle
Byran D. Dye and Lora D. Graves
Melanie A. Fisher
Brenda Frazier Swiger
Anonymous *
Jena Prokopchuk *
Vicki Conner
Martin and Ann Pushkin
Alison Bass
Bob and Natalie Creese
Steven and Judith Lightner
Clif and Sara Bishop
Beth Lefevre
Helen Baird
Helen and Harold Shamberger
Robert and Mary Behling
Vikram and Gauri Pawar
Jack Rastetter
Diana Scott
Robert and Suzanne Glock
Norman and Martha Lass
A. Ann Hutchison
Bill and Harriett Van Voorhis
Barbara Howe
W.C. Van Voorhis and H.L. Van Voorhis
Stanley H and Judy Cohen
Jane and Vincent Cardi
Lisa A. Holland
William and Helen Hagerty
Barbara Hawthorne
Shaffer Madia Law
Lex and Jill Woisnet
Darel and Vicki Auch
Stephanie Randalls
Thomas Barsody
Debra Diehl-Greskevitch
Pay Pal Giving Fund
Glenna Anne Cather
Robert and Suzanne Glock
Stephen and Constance McCluskey
William and Helen Hagerty
Barbara S. Hawthorne
Shaffer Madia Law, PLLC
Lex and Jill Woisnet
W.C. and H.L. Van Voorhis


In Memory of Jose` F. Oquendo
G. Corey Farris * – E

In Memory of Dr. Roger Yeager
Janice L. Yeager *

In Memory of Bill Stewart
Karen S. Stewart

In Memory of Roy Bucklew, Jr.
Rena A. Cyphert and Lamee Cyphert Panger

In Memory of Bill Atwell
Nancy Atwell

In Memory of Ann and Tim Pahl
Kathy and Jeff Fedan
Joe and Linda Bennett
Jerrey Hoyt
George and Holly Moses

In Memory of Maxine Statler
Linda Chisler and Ted Nordstrom

In Memory of Jeanne DeVincent
Janet M. Howat

In Memory of James L. Montgomery
Florita S. Montgomery

In Memory of Susan McCutcheon, M.D.
Dr. Carole Boyd

In Memory of Sandy Lewis
Paul E. Lewis

In Memory of Bernard R. Cooper
Sylvia Cooper

In Memory of Don and Joyce and Dick and Chris Mathena
Richard and Becky Turton

In Memory of Dick Jarvis
Willa M. Jarvis

In Memory of Geno Painley
Darrell F. Sanders

In Memory of Betty McCartney
Ruthellen Phillips

In Memory of Matt Wolfe
Scott and Donna St. Clair

In Memory of Matt and David Schanz
David E. Keers

In Memory of Dr. Elliot Shulman
Marilyn Shulman

In Memory of Clyde F. Allen
John and Carol Beall

In Memory of Robert and Faye Hubbard and Russell and Helen Skidmore
Bill and Dorothy Skidmore

In Memory of Robert and Ruth Ann Johnson
Randy, Kim, and Savannah Bryner

In Memory of Sandy Piacitelli
Sandra Poulson

In Memory of Alan Stolzenberg
Merle Stolzenberg

In Memory of John and Mildred Peluso
Billy and Carolyn Atkins

In Memory of Starlane Myers
Scott A. Myers

In Memory of Tim Saab
Joy Saab

In Memory of Patricia Wetmore
Stephen J. Wetmore

In Memory of Christy Moses Svanemyr
George and Holly Moses

In Memory /Honor of Ray Corley
Rebecca Quinn

In Honor of Judith Barnes
Arthur and Linda Jacknowitz

In Honor of Katherine Powell
Sharon P. Santos

In Honor of my Grandchildren:
Gigi and Kandell Howe
Mason and Parker Bossio
Sam Bossio

In Honor of Clay Battelle Area Family Services Food Pantry
Frances J. Smith

In Honor of Jerrey Hoyt
G. Corey Farris – E

In Honor of Phillip and Glenda Bryner
Randy, Kim, and Savannah Bryner

In Honor of Ray Corley
Rebecca Quinn

In Honor of all those who volunteer for this great cause
Cindy Ashworth

In Honor of the families in need
Betty J. Cross