2018 Contributors

The contributions that make the Empty Bowls Luncheon and help to make the mission of Empty Bowls a success are many and varied. Without support of such a long list of contributors, such an event would not be possible. The types of contributions are not limited to one form. Empty Bowls Luncheon is possible because of Volunteers, Financial contributions, Contributions of Support, Gifts In KindSoup and Bread and more. Thank you to all the individuals, congregations and local businesses who contribute to our efforts!

Contributions of $10,000 or more
PNC Foundation
George Lilley and Mavis Grant Lilley

Contributions of $5,000 – $9,999
Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust
Black Diamond Realty

Contributions of $2,500 – $4,999
Triple S Motorcycle Co., LLC – Chili Cook Off
Stonerise Healthcare Charitable Gift Fund
G. Corey Farris
Mountain Loggers Cooperative

Contributions of $1,500 – $2,499
Jason and Amanda Mooreland
WVU Foundation – B&E Corporate Social Responsibility Grant
Cheat Lake Elementary 5th grade students
Michael and Tammy Miller
Louis and Mabel Tanner Community Foundation at Your Community Foundation
Shirley Giuliani
Greer Industries
Suburban Lanes
Linda Hall’s Turkish Bazaars and Pearls for Girls
WVU Medicine
Pikewood Energy Corporation
E. Jane Martin

Contributions of $1,000 – $1,499
Rotary Club of Cheat Lake
Rotary Club of Morgantown
Bernard McDonough Foundation
Laurita, Inc.
City Crane and Equipment Inc.
Bad Lizard Granite and Quartz
St. Thomas a Becket Episcopal Church
Al and Cheryl Prichard
First United Bank & Trust
LPL Financial
Steptoe and Johnson
Jerrey Hoyt
Dyer Insurance Group
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
WesBanco Bank, Inc.
Mylan Morgantown Employee Donations
Cheat Lake Elementary School

Contributions of $500-$999
Morgantown Energy Associates
Carey and Susan Butler
William F. Weiss, Jr.
Corey Farris
Jeff and Patricia Rushford
Donald Spencer and Carol Hamblen
Josh Rogers
Nextgen Federal Systems, LLC
Mike Wood Toyota of Uniontown
Geoffrey and Kathryn Moffett Bradford
Al Karlin
Edward and Cheryl Heflin
Edward and Diane Moss
Omni Associates Architects
Allan Karlin and Associates
Chris Vasilkis
Clear Mountain Bank
City of Westover
Nancy and Mike Mosser
Andrew and Blair Rorabaugh
Rotary Club of Westover

Contributions of $250-$499
Schmitts Saloon
Suncrest Town Center Car Wash
Pat Stewart Realtors
The Mills Group
Mon General Hospital
Mary Biggs
Seamon Law Offices
Anonymous (4)
First Apostolic Church
123 Pleasant Street – Fundraiser
Mon Health Systems
Roger and Constance Toffle
Billy & Carolyn Atkins
KLM Properties

Contributions of $100 – $249
Steven and Dana Riedeman
Barry L. Wendell and Joseph Hample
Glenmark Holding, LLC
Asel L. and Nancy B. Kennedy
James and Susan Abrams
Mona Supply
Waterfront Family Pharmacy
Storage Solutions, Inc.
Arnett Carbis Toothman
Citizens Bank of Morgantown
Steven and Dana Riedman
John C. and Sabra L. Spiker
Anonymous (4)
Jason and Amy Robbins
Alan Karlin
First Exchange Bank
Charlotte H. Taylor
Ann Davidson
John and Shea Angotti
Carolyn Zinn
Kazunari and Mary Koike
Larry and Joan Bissett
Bill and Linda Hagerty
Mike and Margaret Roberts
JS Walker Associates
Susan Cook
Terry and Mary Heironimus
Alice Frost
Dieffenbauch & Hritz
John and Harriet Loth
Janet Howat
Ann R. McCArdle
Darrell Saunders
Leslie and Betty Carpenter
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Fooks, Jr.
Douglas and Leila Leech
Roger and Debby King
MVB Bank
Bob and Jean Dailey
Perri DeChristopher
Mr. and Mrs. Zac Cook
Sheriff and Denise Palmer
Karen Lawson
Carole B. Boyd, MD
Rita Tanner
J.A. ‘Tony’ Sawczyszyn
Black Bear Evansdale
Bunny and Brooks Javins
Anne and Nyles Charon
Cindy Ashworth
Linda Justice
Taunja Willis – Miller
William B and Gail Ann Rock
Jack and Carol Brauitigan
Ron and Sherry Nestor
Bevin VanGilder
Jeff Brown
Michael and Deborah Flowers
Roger and Constance Toffle
Craig and Nancy Walker
David Yelton and Lillian Waugh
Dr. Neil and Susan Newfield
United Steel Workers Local # 8957
Walter Miller
Clark and Jean McKee

Marjorie McDiarmid
Melissa Burube
Rodney and Carol Pyles
Stephen and Constance McCluskey
Denise Minnear
David and Robin Barnett
James Rubin and Adele Crowe
Jodie Trotter
Lillian Klein
Anonymous ( 2 )
Robert Glock
Lynn A. Harper
David and Gloria Sullivan
Herman and Kathryn Moses
Sam and Nancy Bonasso
Robert and Debora McConnell
Bill and Harriet Van Voorhis
Michael and Catherine Yura
Mary Ferer
Jan Mitchell
Joseph and Marianne Moser
Rick and Laura Gross
Norma J. Skriner
Bennett and Muriel Millstone
Allan and Virginia Hammock
Ann R. Hutchison
Janet Kemp
John and Karen Borg
John and Libby Porter
Edith L. Vehse
Kay Lynne Stone
Eye T Eye Optical, LLC
Helen Baird
Lynn R. Cartwright
Clif and Sara Bishop
Thomas Talerico
John Wassick, III
David Mebane
Paul Lewis
Alison Bass
Jack Rastetter
Martin and Ann Puskin
Peter and Sharon Tzavaras
James or Ava Beatty
Catherine Stamataks
Louis and Rita Sokos
Troy and Ellen Sedlmeyer
Barry and Maria Kolar
Roger and Cheryl Warsewich
Alison Bass
Alan and Merle Stolzenberg
Edward and Diane Moss
Service League of Morgantown – Old Stone House
Neil and Connie Bucklew
Anne Cather
Tom and Susan Unger
Barbara Howe
Janet Reger-Nash
Barbara Hawthorne
James and Susan Abrams
First Energy Employee Engagement Program
Brian L. Parrotta
Darryl Blosser
Athena Harvey and David Lawson
Ron and Mary Iannone
MVB Bank – Suncrest Office
Eric and Michelle Hunsberger
Amber and Sharon Wetzel
Deena Snyder
Ashley B. Forinash
Joseph and Rebekah Lupton
Brenden and Andrea Bennett
Kathryn McCullough
Jena Prokopchuk


George Lilley and Mavis Grant Lilley
Stewart Design
First National Bank – FN Trust Company
United Bank
PNC Foundation
E. Jane Martin
Med Express

Judith Wilkinson
Jerrey Hoyt
Geoffrey and Kathryn S. Moffett Bradford
Pablo and Olgalucia Gonzalez
Steve and Judith Lightner
Robert and Suzanne Glock
Joyce Ice and Ronald E. Latimer
F. Scott and Carol Rotruck
Betty Puskar
John and Shea Angotti
Donald and Mary Morrison
George and Mavis Grant Lilley
Elizabeth Cilella
Al and Cheryl Prichard
Billy and Carolyn Atkins
Morgan and Nancy Mosser
Kevin and Alice Wyatt Meehan


The following donors have made their financial contributions in:

Memory of Jose’ Fernando Oquenda Marin
Jerrey Hoyt
Tim and Laura Sweet
Herman and Katheryn Moses
Ruthellen Philips
The UPS Store
Mark, Linda, and Kasey Yost
Franklin and Bette Kaufman
Byron and Carolyn Nelson
Brenda Thompson
John and Nancy Ganz
Al and Cheryl Prichard
Jeremiah Jones
Rebecca Biser
Barbara Howe
Joseph Shepherd
Christine Shaw
Robert and Aurie Acciavatti
Carl and Linda Hadsell
Harold and Mary Forbes
Mike and Nancy Mosser
WV Council of International Programs
Alice Frost
Douglas and Susanna Wayt
Brett and Trish Cendana
Kenneth and Carolyn Gray
Craig and Nancy Walker
Michael and Joy Ellington
Michael and Catherine Yura
Philip E. Comer
Brian and Victoria Hoover
James H. Rubin and Adell Crowe
Mountainlair and Dining Employees
Mark S. Gathers
R. John Pearson
Richard and Judy Hadsell
Loraine L. Tyre
Lynn A Harper
Susan Frost
Linda E. Herbst
Mark S. Gathers
Arnie and Doris Headley
The Melvin Group
Dr. Semoa De Sousa-Brown
John Beall
Elaine M. McVay
John Taylor and Grace Ayscue
Frances Smith
Ruthellen H. Phillips
Sandra Dixon
Melanie Jeanne Cook
M Christine Farris Morris
Linda and Carl Hadsell

In Memory of Maxine Statler

In Memory of Linus Carol Carlson
Karen S. Carlson

In Memory of Bernard (Barry) Cooper
Sylvia Cooper

In Memory of Ann Pahl
Joe and Linda Bennett

In Memory of Becky Hoyt
The UPS Store
Dr. George and Holly Moses
Jerrey Hoyt, children, and grandchildren

In Memory of George Raymer
Darryl and Shelly Duncan

In Memory of Tim Saab
Philip and Jeanne Faini

In Memory of John and Mildred Peluso
Billy and Carolyn Atkins

In Memory of Dana E. Fremouw
Bill and Ann Fremouw

In Memory of Bill and Barbara Campbell
Elizabeth C. Cilella

In Memory of Matt Wolfe
Robert Scott and Donna St. Clair

In Memory of Jane Kiger
Kay B. Kelly

In Memory of Dick Jarvis
Willa M. Jarvis

In Memory of Starlane Myers
Scott A. Myers

In Memory of Bill Atwell
Nancy Atwell

In Memory of James Dee Mount
Sharleen Curtis

In Memory of Pete Saab
Glen and Susan Adrian

In Memory of Sone Armstrong
Donald Armstrong

In Memory of Christine “Christy” Moses Svanemyr
Dr. George and Holly Moses

In Memory of Russell and Helen Skidmore
William and Dorothy Skidmore

In Memory of Raymond and Alice Fisher
Melanie A. Fisher

In Memory of Rodger Yeager
Jan Yeager

In Memory of James Montgomery
Florita Montgomery

In Memory of Linus E. Carlson
Marti Shamberger

In Memory of Lawrence and Jerry Poulson
Sandy Poulson

In Memory of Chris Mathan
Richard and Becky Turton

In Memory of Nick Evans
JoAnn J. Evans

In Memory of Bill Stewart
Karen Stewart

In Memory of Patricia Wetmore
Stephen J. Wetmore

In Memory of James Montgomery
Florita Montgomery

In Honor of Patty Johnston and Larry Frail
Art and Linda Jacknowitz

In Honor of Phillip and Suzanne Magro
Phillip Magro

In Honor of Mike and Tammy Miller
Vickie Conner
George and Caryol Longenecker

In Honor of Corey Farris
Alpha Phi Omega Lambda Omicron

In Honor of Jerrey Hoyt
Scott and Julie Murdoch

In Honor of Matt Muckleory
Cincinnati Insurance Company

In Honor of Margot Racin
Corey Farris
Jerrey Hoyt

In Honor of Richard Fleisher
Sandra L. Dixon

In Honor of Mrs. Peggy Borsting
The Borsting Family
Tom and Susan Sailor

In Honor of Mrs. Virginia Peterson
Lynn C. Hammond

In Honor of Katherine Powell
Joseph and Sharon Santos
Fernand and Philomena Barata
Ann Bradshaw

In Honor of Leah, Jacob, and Haze
Bill and Ann Fremouw

In Honor of Gigi and Kendall Howe and Masion and Parker Bossio
Sam Bossio

In Honor of Nel Kimble
Jamie Kimble


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