2016 Contributors

The contributions that make the Empty Bowls Luncheon and help to make the mission of Empty Bowls a success are many and varied. Without support of such a long list of contributors, such an event would not be possible. The types of contributions are not limited to one form. Empty Bowls Luncheon is possible because of Volunteers, Financial contributions, Contributions of Support, Gifts In Kind, Soup and Bread and more. Thank you to all the individuals, congregations and local businesses who contribute to our efforts!

Diamond ($10,000+)


Emerald ($5,000-$9,999)

PNC Foundation
Dominion Foundation
Black Diamond Realty

Ruby ($2,500-$4,999)

Betty Puskar
First United Bank and Trust
David M. and Stephanie Lorenze

Platinum ($1,500-$2,499)

City Neon
City Crane and Equipment
WVU Tent City
Giuliani Properties
Greer Industries
Community Land Development

Gold ($1,000-$1,499)

Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cheat Lake Rotary Club
WVU Tent City Committee
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Covey
Cheat Lake Elementary School
Howard Hanna
BFS Foods
Glenmark Holding, LLC
Russ and Roberta Dean
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
Joe and Patti Sobecki
St. Thomas a Becket Episcopal Church
McDonough Foundation
Suburban Bowling Lanes
Linda and Michael Hall
E. Jane and Don Martin
Morgantown Rotary Club

Silver ($500-$999)

Town of Star City
Morgantown North Rotary
First Energy Foundation
Mike and Nancy Mosser
Robert Thiele, III
G. Corey Farris
Stephen Gnegy
The Wine Bar of Vintner Valley
Rotary Club of Westover
Jerrey and Becky Hoyt
Merit Development
Billy and Carolyn Atkins
Blaine Turner Advertising
Chris and Gena Vasilakis
McCulla Funeral Home
Margot B. Racin
George Lilley and Mavis Grant
Cheryl and Al Prichard
Robinette Legal Group
Darlene Dunn
Clear Mountain Bank
Classic Furniture
Stephen and Beverly Riffon
Sean and Malina Flanagan
Ron and Beth Pellegrino

Bronze ($250-$499)

KLM Properties
Healthcare Litigation Support
Seamon Law Offices
Donald Spencer and Carol H. Hamblen
Kroger Foundation
Dr. Justin and Kimberly Kupec
Dr. Dan and Nancy Driscoll
Edward and Cheryl Heflin, II
Mary A. Biggs
Zacary J. and Abby Tardiff
Coldwell Banker – Alliance Realty
Pineview Gynecology – Cynthia L. Walsh, M.D.
Craig and Nancy Walker
Sandy Poulson
Sandy Graff

Copper ($100-$249)

Jack and Alice Frost
Pat Stewart Realtors
Allegheny Design Services LLC
Waterfront Family Pharmacy
Mona Supply
Hardwood Interiors
Thomas A. Laurita
Melissa J. Giggenbach
Kathy Powell
Keith Jackson and Teresa Prullage
James and Susan Abrams
Sharon and Joseph Santos
William and Gail Rock
Kazunari and Mary Koike
Dr. Richard and Rebecca Turton
Bill and Linda Hagerty
Elizabeth M. Martin
Ranjit Majunder
Tom Witt and Grethe Myles
Shuman McCuskey & Slicer, PLLC
Mike and Margaret Roberts
J.S. Walker Associates
Joginder and Charlotte Nath
Rita D. Tanner
Dr. Carole B. Boyd
Rick and Julia Phalunas
Jason and Amanda Moreland
Philip and Suzanne Magro
John and Harriet Loth
Karen Lawson
Dr. Neal and Susan Newfield
Roger and Constance Toffle
Larry and Martha Schwab
Terry and Mary Heironimus
Cary and Susan Butler
Ann Davidson
Brooks and Bunny Javins
Linda Lutman
Joseph and Marianne Moser
Bill and Harriet Voorhis
Cliff and Sara Bishop
Doug and Leila Leech
Dr. and Mrs. Roger King
Mike and Cindy Ramsey
Bill Weiss
Rosalyn Becker
Jim and Deb Simpson
Robert and Lana Klein
Forks of Cheat Baptist Church
Citizens Bank of Morgantown
Nabil and Nina Jabbour
First Exchange Bank
Frances Smith
Gwen and Tom Anderson
Roger and Nancy Lohmann
Bob and Jean Dailey
State Farm Insurance – Lori Vance
Kevin and Alice Meehan
John and Carol Beall
Dr. Jerry Hadrych
Jesse R. Locklar, Jr.
Anonymous (3)
All State Insurance – Lorie Martin & Brian Schnopp
John and Carol Brautigam
Virginia Peterson
Geoffrey and Kathryn Moffet Bradford
Andrew and Blair Rorabaugh
Leslie and Betty Carpenter
Linda Herbst
Todd and Aimee Tallmani
Tom and Carol Brown
Ron and Sherry Nestor
Ann Slevin


Kenneth & Marianne Fouts
Richard and Patricia Phillips
Katlin Stinespring
WVU Oakland Hall Community Service Club
Nancy Atwell
Ann McArdle
Randall Jackson
Steve and Connie McClusky
Emory and Janet Kemp
Dr. Carolyn Zinn
Cecilia and Earl Melby
William and Wilma Pierce
Ruth M Hicks
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Fooks
Norma J. Skriner
Ann R. Hutchison
David and Gloria Sullivan
Michael and Cathy Yura
L. A. Harper
Dr. Sarah Knox
Mary Ferer
John Pearson
Therese M. Iammarino
John and Shea Angotti
Ron and Mary Iannone
Asel and Nancy Kennedy
Vincent and Bernadette Castranova
Anthony Barill
Muriel and Bennett Millstone
Marilynn S. Slaughter and Sara Loughney
Michael and Tammy Miller
Patrician and Guy Stewart
Tony Sawczszyn
Nick Apostolou
Anonymous (2)
Susan Cook
Joe and Betty Vorbach
Michael and Marie Deprospero
Irene and Bob Marinelli
Auruie and Bob Acciavatti
Ann and Martin Pushkin
Monique and Harry Gingold – Children’s Neurology Services
John and Karen Borg
Steve and Susan Kite
Jean Toren
Lynn Brickett

In memory of …

The following are contributors who made their financial contributions in memory or honor.

In Memory of Mary Ann Wartsell
Empty Bowls Board Members
In Memory of Garry Bowers
In Memory of The Borsting Family
Lynn C. Hammond
In Memory of Ronald Timothy Marton
Mary Roberta Brandt
In Honor of my Grandparents and Parents
Nathan S. Huang
In Memory of Ruth Gladfelter
Willa A. Jarvis
In Memory of Harley A. Taylor
Charlotte H. Taylor
In Honor of Richard Fleisher
In Memory of Samuel, Laura and Steven Dixon

Sandra Dixon
In Memory of my husband Nick Evans
Joann J. Evans
In Memory of Dr. Elliot Shulman
Marilyn Shulman
In Honor of My 88th Birthday
Thelma Uteg
In Memory of Russell and Helen Skidmore
Bill and Dorothy Skidmore
In Honor of Marie K. Thompson
Bill and Brenda Thompson
In Honor of Mike and Tammy Miller, Volunteer Coordinators
Ann Selinger and Nyles Charon
In Honor of our Families
Bill and Bobbi Hamilton
In Memory of Loretta Sorenson
William Sorenson
In Memory of Walter Raese
David Raese
In Memory of Abby Jacknowitz
Linda and Art Jacknowitz
In Memory of Arthur J. Liberatore
Victoria Cather
In Honor of The Reverend Fredrica Meitzen and Jacob Powell and Leah Fremouw
Kathy Powell
In Memory of Hugh Lindsay
Jerry and Becky Hoyt
In Memory of Christy Moses Svanemy
George and Holly Moses
In Memory of my Mother, Louise F. Arnold
Gretchen Brown
In Memory of our Son-In-Law, Chris Garcia
Tom and Yumiko Wilson
In Honor of Mike Mosser
Anthony and Cynthia Heiskell
In Memory of Roger Yeager
Jan Yeager
In Memory of Jeffrey Cortopassi, Sr.
Phayonie Cortopassi
In Memory of Joan Rose
Terry L. Rose
In Memory of Tim Saab
Joy Saab
In Memory of Jane, William and Alvin Stadtmiller
Richard J. Stadtmiller
In Honor of Corey Farris
The Melvin Group
In Memory of Bill Stewart
Karen Stewart
In Honor of Kathy Powell
Ann Bradshaw
In Memory of Emma Mercer
Thomas and Janet DeVault

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