2015 Contributors

Platinum ($1,500+)

Anonymous (3)
Kiwanis Foundation of Morgantown
Clear Mountain Bank
Grainger Foundation
Thomas and Hope Covey
Greer Industries
PNC Foundation
Black Diamond Realty
G. Corey Farris

Gold ($1,000-$1,499)

Antonio’s Restaurant
Suncrest Elementary School Students
Walmart Foundation
Rotary Club of Morgantown
Rotary Club of Cheat Lake
Micheal and Linda Hall (Turkish Bazaar and Pearls for Girls)
Robinette Legal Group
Suburban Bowling Lanes
Mike and Nancy Mosser
Robert W. Stephens
St. Thomas a Becket Episcopal Church
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church
Mountaineer Loggers Assoc. Cooperative
Jane and Don Martin

Silver ($500-$999)

Geoffrey and Kathryn Moffett Bradford
Morgantown North Rotary
Rotary Club of Westover
Mike and Tammy Miller
Steve Gnegy
George and Mavis Grant Lilly
Al and Cheryl Prichard
Margot Racin
Flying Fish
Jerrey and Becky Hoyt
Atomic Grill
Classic Furniture
Van Dysen Law Offices PLLC
First United Bank and Trust
Winter Blues North Farmers Market

Bronze ($250-$499)

The Mills Group
KLM Properties
Craig and Nancy Walker
Donald Spencer
Robert and Tina Tallaksen
Aaron and Lana Yoho
Health Care Litigation Support LLC
APO-Lambda Omicron Chapter
Med Express
March Westin
Ed and Cheryl Heflin
John and Grace Taylor
Sandra Graff
Daniel and Nancy Driscoll
Sandy Poulson
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Justin and Kimberly Kupec

Copper ($100-$249)

Anonymous (3)
Eric K. Johnson
Ann Davidson and Lloyd Davis
Sharon E. Leech
Dr. Roger King
Bill Fremouw
Larry Edgell
Harriet Colebank
Benton Financiers
The Giggenbach Family
Brockway Avenue Auto Repair
William and Sharon Collins
Forks of Cheat Baptist Church
Citizens Bank of Morgantown
WV Living Magazine
Waterfront Family Pharmacy
Jofran, Inc.
Rock Family Church
Morgantown Energy Associates
Ali and Songul Onder
Linda Herbst
Susan and James McLaughlin
Triad Engineering
Jim and Deb Simpson
John Pearson
Rita. D. Tanner
Jack and Alice Frost
Ed and Ann Cather
Betty M. Maxwell
Richard and Therese Iammarino
Karen Lawson
Roger and Constance Toffle
Tom and Carol Brown
John and Harriet Loth
John and Linda Supper
Grethe Myles and Tom Witt
James and Elizabeth Martin
Mike and Margaret Roberts
Heidi and Charles Wiedebush
J.A. and Anthony Sawczyszyn
Mary Biggs
Mary Roberta Brandt
Leslie David and Betty Carpenter
Charles and Sylvia Sperow
Melina and Sean Flanagan
Cary and Susan Butler
Nabil and Nina Jabour
Pat Stewart Realtors
Larry and Sandra Carpenter
Dancing Fig
Dr. Carol Boyd
First Exchange Bank
Michael Fike
Ann K. Bradshaw
Doug Leech
Carol Henry
Phillip Magro
Carol and Jack Brautigam
Joe and Sandra Bennett
Mark Ramsey
Cindy Ashworth
Cliff and Sara Bishop
Ron and Sherry Nestor


Ronald and Sherry Nestor
Mimmie and Bill Byrne
J. S. Walker Associates
Robert and Jean Dailey
Savannah Bryner
Mon County Community Education Outreach Service
Center Service Auto Body, Inc
Joginder and Charlotte Nath
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Eller
Richard and Charlotte Kenyon
Charlotte H. Taylor
Emory and Janet Kemp
Melanie Ann Fisher
Muriel and Bennett Millstone
Ann and Martin Pushkin
Bill and Harriet Van Voorhis
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Forks, Jr.
Susan Cook
Ann Hutchison
William and Nancy Atwell
Robert P. Marinelli
Earl Melby
Terry and Edna White
Asel and Nancy Kennedy
Jean Ann Toren
Cheryl Callen
Mary Roberta Brandt
Alan Collins
Ann Devine-King
Susan Barry
Honey Lee Grosso
Ron Weaver
Mary Ferer
Asuntina Levelle
Russell Miller and Marguerite Danna
Susan and Steven Kite
Manish and Jennifer Monga
Elizabeth Cilella
Lock House Studio, LLC
Louis Guiliani
Florita Montgomery
Joan C. Bowes
Arnett Carbis Toothman, LLC
Lillian Klein
Ryan and Barbara Hawthorne
Sandy and Mark Price
Pam and Karl Yagle
Gregory and Lynn Cartwright
Rev. Susan McGhee

In memory of …

The following are contributors who made their financial contributions in memory or honor.

In Memory of Yeager
Larry & Kim Bryner Family
In Honor of Linda Hall
Robert & Jean Dailey
In Honor of Corey Farris
The Melvin Group
In Memory of Nick Evans
Joann Evans
In Memory of Paul V. Cook
Jerrey Hoyt
Chele Varner
Bobbie Brandt
Mike Mosser
Mary Forbes
Cheryl Prichard
G. Corey Farris
Mike and Tammy Miller
In Memory of Bill Stewart
Karen Stewart
In Memory of Naomi Butler
Allison and Clark McKee
In Memory of Mathew Wolfe
Martha A. Phillips and Family
In Memory of Mable Rock
William and Gail Rock
In Memory of Bill and Stewart Taft
Holly Scotchel
In Honor of Jack and Peggy Borsting
Lynn C. Hammond
In Honor of Ginny Petersen
Lynn C. Hammond
In Memory of John and Veronica Hefferin
Teresaq L. Hefferin
In Memory of Mary McTeer
Kazunardi and Mary Koike
In Memory of Ed Skriner
Norma Skriner
In Memory of J. Russell and Helen Skidmore
Bill and Dorothy Skidmore
In Memory of James and Christine Farris
John and Krista Lobban
In Memory of Jeffrey Cortopassi
Phayonie Cortopassi
In Honor of Steve Gnegy and Mike Mosser
Andy and Cindy Heiskell
In Memory of Their Daughter, Christy
George and Holly Moses
In Memory of Bently Hamilton
Bill and Bobbi Hamilton
In Memory of Mother Louise Arnold
Gretchen Brown
In Memory of John and Mildred Peluso
Billy and Carolyn Atkins
In Memory of Mathew Wolfe
Joe and Betty Vorbach
In Memory of Mathew Wolfe
Martina Wolfe
In Honor of Jacob Powell, Leah Fremouw and The Reverend Fredrica Meitzen
Kathy Powell
In Honor of Monongalia General Volunteers
John and Linda Ollis
In Memory of Joan Rose
Terry Rose
In Memory of Richard Leslie Fleisher
Sandra Dixon
In Honor of Samuel, Laura and Steven Dixon
Sandra Dixon
In Honor of Dorothy Hosey
Bunny and Brooks Javins
In Loving Memory of Our Son Mathew Wolfe
Roger and Lisa Wolfe
Terry and Marty Sippin
In Honor and Memory of Emma Mercer
Janet DeVauly
In Honor of Kathy Powell
Ann Bradshaw
In Memory of My Wonderful Mother, Jane H. Kiger
Kay B. Kelly
In Memory of Starlane Myers
Scott Myers

In Memory of Loretta Sorenson
William Sorenson
In Memory of Patricia Wetmore
Dr. Stephen Whetmore
In Memory of Howard A. Hall
Sandy Poulson

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