Board of Directors

Term Ending June 30, 2019

Melissa Blehschmidt

Mike and Tammy Miller
Volunteer Coordinators
Retired WVUHS Administration

David Lorenze
Finance/Fundraising Co-Chair
Black Diamond Realty

Jena Prokopchuk
Raffle/ Auctions Co-Chair
Director of Development
Waynesburg University

Kelly Drayer
Public Relations Co-Chair
Director of Business Development & Member Services
Morgantown Chamber of Commerce

Term Ending June 30, 2020

Kim Bryner
Grant Coordinator

Libby Durr
Raffle/Auctions Co-Chair

Elaine M. McVay
Director of Marketing of University Housing
West Virginia University

Patricia L. Cendana
Youth Fundraising Coordinator
Director of Residence Life
West Virginia University

Linda Baer
Tickets Coordinator

Term Ending June 30, 2021

Blake Stewart
Finance/Fundraising Co-Chair

Sheila Davisson
Special Events Coordinator

Travis Mollohan
Agency Liaison Co-Chair
Director of State, Corporate, and Community Relations
West Virginia University

Nel Kimble
Agency Liaison Co-Chair
Urban Farmer

Al Prichard
Kitchen Management Chair
Deacon, Episcopal Church

Ryan Campione
Technology Coordinator

Executive Director

Jerrey Hoyt
Retired American Red Cross Executive


Sandy Poulson
Board Clerk, Mail Coordinator
Retired Administrative Associate
Biochemistry Department
West Virginia University

Lisa Giuliani
Bowl Procurement Coordinator
Owner, Lockhouse Studio

Chele Varner
Food Procurement Coordinator
Cash Management Advisor
First United Bank and Trust

Corey Farris
Advisor to the Board
Dean of Students
West Virginia University