Organization Information

Who are we? We are the local manifestation of the national Empty Bowls project. We are citizens from local communities. We share a common interest in doing something for the less fortunate in our county. We strive to organize the efforts of local volunteers, local businesses and local food disbursement services to provide for those who can not provide for themselves.

For information please contact:

General Information
Jerrey Hoyt
Executive Director
304 241-5510

Ticket Sales
Mary Forbes
Raffle Ticket Sales
Linda Herbst

Public Relations
Donna Tennant
Brett White
Michael Ibrahim

Carol Atkins
David Lorenze
Mike Mosser
Jerrey Hoyt
Tim Fout

Tyler Davis

Damon Hubbard

Web and Technology
Arnold S Triplett
Ryan Campione

Faith Based Coordinator
Al Prichard

Volunteer Coordinators
Mike & Tammy Miller

Bowl Procurement
Lisa Giuliani

Food Procurement
Chele Varner

Agency Liaisons
Nelda Kimble
Travis Mollohan

Special Projects
Kathy Powell

Legal Affairs
Aaron Yoho

If you have questions about Empty Bowls please contact us at the above emails or at or snail mail us at:
Empty Bowls Monongalia
7 Rousch Drive
Westover, WV 26501
304 241-5510