Empty Bowls Monongalia distributed $100,000 to the following meal programs, food pantries, and backpack feeding programs in June 2015.

Bartlett House: 1110 University Avenue, 304 292-0101. Estimated meals served annually 63,690.
Bartlett House operates a homeless shelter that serves 16 meals per week up to 70 individuals and families per meal. They also give food orders to former clients in need.

First Presbyterian Church: 456 Spruce Street, 304 296-8235. Estimated meals served annually 2,860.
In this downtown church, a pancake, eggs, and sausage breakfast is served every Sunday morning free to the community by volunteer teams from the church membership.

Meals on Wheels: 3375 University Avenue, 304 599-1954. Estimated meals served annually 22,880.
From a kitchen located in Star City, teams of volunteer drivers deliver a Noon meal to home-bound elderly and disabled people in various areas of the county.

Morgantown Community Kitchen: Trinity Church, 247 Willey Street. Estimated meals served annually 28,600.
Based in the Episcopal Church basement in downtown Morgantown, this community soup kitchen provides lunch free to the community on weekdays.

Salvation Army Meal Program: 1224 University Avenue, 304 296-3525. Estimated meals served annually 12,000.
Serves an evening meal daily Monday through Friday.

Sarah’s Table: St. John University Parish, 1481 University Avenue, 304 296-8231. Estimated meals served annually 2,600.
The Catholic Churches of the Morgantown community provide a free mid-day meal for the community on each Sunday. It is served at St. John’s University Parish by teams of volunteers.

Total estimated meals served annually: 132,630

The Shack Neighborhood House Family Meals Initiative: 537 Blue Horizon Drive, Pursglove, WV 26546, 304 599-5469
This is a new program. The Family Meals Initiative is a twice monthly program in which 20 families from The Shack’s after school program are given all the ingredients necessary to make a wholesome meal; together. Each family will also answer a brief survey based on the Strong Families Eat Together curriculum from the WVU Extension office. The goal of the program is to encourage families to cook and eat together, talk to each other which supports a whole range of positive development indicators for children, and to enjoy a healthy meal together. Instructions for meal preparation are simple enough for children to help and the curriculum has specific questions for families to answer together. Each meal will at minimum include fresh produce, a complete protein and a starch.

Bartlett House – West Run Facility: 304 292-0101
This is a new program: This program will be opening in Spring of 2015 and will offer 36 Supportive Housing Units for the most vulnerable homeless population. A cook will be employed to prepare 3 meals a day 7 days per week at the facility. Clients served through this new program are at the greatest risk of dying on the streets or in a shelter.



Canyon Food Pantry: 18 Whipley Lane, 304 594-2143. Estimated number of individuals served annually 936.
This small pantry is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canyon. It is staffed by church members, and serves those in need in their neighborhood and well as others who request their assistance.

Caritas House: 91 Scott Avenue, 304 985-0021. Estimated number of individuals served annually 1,944.
This agency provides resources and support to HIV positive clients living in northern West Virginia. This includes offering food as needed. Caritas House provides a community meal once a month to homeless individuals in the community. The agency also provides basic survival supplies, including food, to persons who are living without shelter.

Catholic Charities Wellness Works Food Pantry: 827 Fairmont Road, Suite 203, 304 905-9879. Estimated number of individuals served annually 3,600.
Located in Westover, the Wellness Works Food Pantry provides food support to their clients with an emphasis on healthy, high-quality foods (such as fat-free and sodium-free) and special products needed by those with particular health issues. They are open to clients Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to Noon.

Christian Help, Inc.: 219 Walnut Street, 304 296-0221. Estimated number of individuals served annually 3,600.
This downtown Morgantown multi-service agency offers free food orders based on the number in the household, giving them a three day supply. They serve a wide range of clients, including families and homeless clients. They emphasize high-protein foods such as peanut butter, beans, and tuna. Clients are limited to one visit per 60 days. Non-perishables only.

Clay Battelle Area Family Services: 6061 Mason Dixon Highway, Blacksville. 304 432-7200. Estimated number of individuals served annually 970.
Located in Blacksville, this multi-service agency serves the western end of the county. They utilize the Mountaineer Food Bank and purchase additional products from donations and funds raised from their thrift shop.

Covenant EMC Church Food Pantry: Greenbag Road, 304 983-8262 or 304 292-6050. Estimated number of individuals served annually 3,000.
Located on Green Bag near Morgantown, they provide food to clients on the third Saturday of each month. They utilize the Mountaineer Food Bank for non-perishables and occasionally also purchase a truck load of perishable items from the Food Bank.

Monongalia County Starting Points: 901 Mylan Park Lane, 304 983-2432. Estimated number of individuals served annually 600.
This is a family resource program located at Mylan Park for families in the Scotts Run area who have infants and pre-school children. They provide resources and support to promote a healthy start for young children. They provide food as frequently as once per week if needed by their clients.

Rock Forge Food Pantry: 3085 Earl Core Road, 304 241-4831. Estimated annual take outs Estimated number of individuals served annually 1,200.
The Presbyterian Church in Rock Forge provides food to those in the Rock Forge area who request food assistance. They utilize the Mountaineer Food Bank as well as local food drives to supply their pantry.

St. Ursula’s: Main Street, Pursglove, 304 599-0822. Estimated number of individuals served annually 3,852.
This Catholic service agency serves families in need in the Osage, and Scotts Run area. In particular, it provides assistance to young mothers and their infants by stocking baby food, formula for those allergic to milk, and other special dietary needs.

WVU The Rack: WVU Mountainlair Student Union. 304 293-4397. Estimated number of individuals served annually 4,308.
This food pantry, located in the Mountainlair, is open to assist WVU hungry students who are experiencing financial difficulties. It is open daily during the week.

Wadestown Food Pantry: 1902 Range Road, Wadestown, 304 662-6496. Estimated number of individuals served annually 1,980.
Located in the western end of the county west of Blacksville, this pantry is associated with the Native-American Community Center in Wadestown. They have a food pantry open one day each week that is funded by the proceeds from their large recycling program.

Total estimated number of individuals served annually 25,950.



Scotts Run Backpack Feeding Program: Scotts Run Settlement House, 15 Ladybug Drive, Osage, 304 599-5020. Estimated number of backpacks distributed during the 2014-2015 school year 31,320.
Scotts Run, a multi-function agency located in the Scotts Run area, organizes a weekend feeding program which sends easy to open foods home with children in three elementary schools during the school year. The schools served include Mylan Park, Mason-Dixon, North, Brookhaven, Cheat Lake and Mountainview Elementary Schools.

Goshen Baptist Church Backpack Feeding Program: 1070 Goshen Road, Morgantown, WV 26508 304 291-0711. Estimated number of backpacks distributed during the 2014-2015 school year 2,340.
The church has provided a weekend feeding program for the past three years. Currently they are providing 60 students at Ridgedale Elementary School with weekend backpacks.

Avery United Methodist Church Snack Pack Program: 1162 Cheat Road, Morgantown, WV 26508 304 594-9030 Estimated number of backpacks distributed during the 2014-2015 school year 4,680.
The church provides weekend snack packs to students in Pre-K 4 through 5th grade at Eastwood Elementary School.

Total estimated number of backpacks distributed during the 2014-2015 school year 38,350

To supply their needs, some of the pantries utilize the Mountaineer Food Bank located in Gassaway, WV. From this source, they receive non-perishables and some frozen items. They also receive non-perishables from local community food drives. Each pantry contributes volunteer time to sort and deliver the items donated to their individual pantries. Some also receive donations from local individuals and churches. Depending on their budgets, they also purchase items needed to provide important products that they may be missing from local food drives. Some programs seek additional grants and gifts from the community.

All the pantries report that having cash donations from Empty Bowls gives them flexibility to purchase items missing from the random items donated. In particular, perishable items, and special needs items can then be added to the options available to their clients. The cash donations from Empty Bowls donations have enhanced their ability to provide a healthy, more varied diet. The cash donations have also minimized the times when the pantry shelves are bare during summer months.

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